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Previous Stable Versions

Version 2.2 - Production ASCOM ICamera1 Driver

Works with ASCOM 5.5 and ASCOM 6.x

Version   2.2.12251.1808R:

Release Date:    2012/09/22

Expiration Date: NA

Status: This is a production driver.

Cameras Supported

LodestarCawaiting test
Costarawaiting test
SXV Guiderawaiting test
Exview Guiderawaiting test
H694Cawaiting test
H674awaiting test
H674Cawaiting test
H36awaiting test
H35awaiting test
M26CNot Supported
H18awaiting test
H16awaiting test
H9Cawaiting test

Other Features

Multiple USB Cameras accessed by separate programsTested
MainCamera + SXV Auto Guider accessed by separate programsawaiting test
SXVR temperature controlTested
Parallel Port CamerasNo support planned
USB Upgrade for Parallel Port CamerasNo support planned
Serial PortNo support planned

This version adds:
   - A few minor pre-release cleanups
    - Add camera data for H18
    - support for cameras with shutters, including darks and zero length exposures
    - support for Superstar/H694/H694C
       - updates installer to treat Superstar as a guide camera
    - installer automatically removes previous version if possible
    - interlaced camera (lodestar mostly) banding improvements:
      - symetric binning now reads out as progressive, which
        avoids banding problems entirely
      - an option to make the camera looked like it does not support binning
        while setting a fixed binning mode. This can be used to force a 
        program which does not support binning to bin (PHD is a fine 
        example) so you take advantage of the progressive 
        readout of binned images
      - several options to make banding better for unbinned images
          - take a second exposure for the second frame.  This elminates 
            banding but doubles exposure time.
          - apply a gaussian blur. This is useful for applications
            that try to follow stars
          - equalize odd and even frame brightness.  Because of
            chip issues, this doesn't work as well as you might think it
    - an option to square lodestar pixels so plate solvers can solve
      the images.  This is done the "easy way" - it expands the pixels
      horizontally but does not increase the apparent size of the sensor,
      so it throws away a few pixels from the right edge. Doing it the 
      "right way" is much harder, and for a guide camera didn't

      seem to be worth it.

Version 2.1 - Production ASCOM ICamera1 Driver

Works with ASCOM 5.5 and ASCOM 6.x


 Release Date: 2011/07/06 (alternate installer 2012/03/04)

 Expiration Date: NA

 Status: This is a production build.

 Note: If you get a 'caught exception' error installing the driver, please try the alternate installer

Major Changes since the last production release:
  • Support for CoStar Cameras
  • support for multiple cameras (up to 8 - 2 lodestar, 2 costar, 2 main imaging, 2 SXV guider)
  • Greatly increased performance
 See the README file for additional details about this release.

Camera Status
Lodestar Tested
Costar Tested
H9 awaiting test
H9C Tested
M25C Tested
H16 Tested
SXV Guider Tested
Exview Guider awaiting test

Other Features

Feature Status
Multiple USB Cameras accessed by separate programs Tested
MainCamera + SXV Auto Guider accessed by separate programs Tested
SXVR temperature control Tested
Parallel Port Cameras No support planned
USB Upgrade for Parallel Port Cameras No support planned
Serial Port No support planned


  • The M26C will  not work. I exchanged some email with Terry Platt, and have learned that the M26C is quite different from all the previous camera and will require additional coding.  Since it it complex and I don't have an M26C to test with, support will have to wait..